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What you are getting with YouTube Downloader HD:

  • Easy tool to download your YouTube videos: just copy the URL of the video and click to download
  • Download videos in 4K Ultra HD, 2K Quad HD, Full HD quality and many more
  • Option to convert the downloaded videos to MP4 format
  • Realy Fast multi-threaded download for big videos
  • Queued downloads from the list, Option to Download entire Playlist from YouTube
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Support for older OS: Windows XP/Vista 32/64 (please, download special XP/Vista release)

What's new in latest versions of YouTube Downloader HD:

  • [November 16, 2023] v.5.4.3
    1. Download audio track with default language [for multilingual videos] (reported by David W.). In future versions it will be possible to select an audio track.
    2. Option to download 144p videos (requested by Alan)
  • [October 18, 2023] v.5.4.2
    1. The "Download entire playlist" option is now remembered when the program is turned off (requested by Paul H.)
    2. Fix for download 720p videos in 30fps
    3. Option to Stay on top of the other programs (requested by Andre L.)
  • [September 17, 2023] v.5.4.1
    1. Option to choose whether or not to download the entire playlist (requested by many users)
  • [August 25, 2023] v.5.4
    1. Bug fix: Unable to extract video info
    2. Bug fix: "temp" video title
  • [July 10, 2023] v.5.3.1
    1. Another slow download fix
    2. Increase the maximum number of download threads to 64
  • [June 29, 2023] v.5.3
    1. Troubleshoot slow download issue (thanks to the many users who reported the issue!)
  • [June 15, 2023] v.5.2.1
    1. Small bugfixes
  • [May 10, 2023] v.5.2 Playlists!
    1. Finally the Playlist Download is available with Youtube Downloader HD. Just add a playlist URL instead of a video URL and click "Add to Download Queue". This also works with video URL containing a "list" parameter.
    2. Small bug fixes
  • [March 25, 2023] v.5.1 High Speed Edition
    1. Significant increase in download speed for large videos (thanks to Dharam for help)
    2. Bug fix: "The URL column can't be stretched" (thanks Ray for reporting the issue)
  • [February 25, 2023] v.5.0.1
    1. Increase in the amount of downloading threads by default.
  • [February 21, 2023] v.5.0 Major Release!
    1. Multi-threaded download is here! I hope the problems with slow downloads are over :)
      You can choose how many threads to use for downloading - from 1 to 32. This long awaited feature is currently in beta. So don't go crazy guys, increase the number of threads gradually.
    2. Auto restart for failed download streams
    3. Displaying the current speed in multi-threaded mode
    4. If you have problem with the new download mode, You can choose the old one by selecting 1 thread option
  • [December 24, 2022] v.4.4.3 Merry Xmas
    1. Added the ability to add videos to the queue while downloading.
  • [August 22, 2022] v.4.4.2
    1. Bringing back the priority of mp4 format over webm
  • [August 17, 2022] v.4.4.1
    1. Small improvements
  • [August 4, 2022] v.4.4
    1. Added support for downloading YouTube shorts.
      Requested by Steve R. and Saarang P.
  • [April 18, 2022] v.4.3.3
    1. Download speed fix
  • [March 17, 2022] v.4.3.1
    1. A few little improvements and bug fixes
  • [February 3, 2022] v.4.3
    1. Bug fix for error "Can't retrieve youtube video. Try another resolution"
      Thanks to all users for reporting!
  • [December 3, 2021] v.4.2.1
    1. New feature: Adding multiple URLs from the text file.
      You can now add a bunch of videos to the download list at once instead of adding them one at a time. Just create a txt file and add URLs (one URL per line).
      Requested by Jack L.
    2. Better usability: New items "Copy URL" and "Copy Video Title" in the right-click menu of the video list.
      Requested by Ray
    3. Fix for better usability: Clear Video URL field after adding to list
      Requested by Max
    4. Bug fix: Incorrect numbering in the video list after user manipulation
  • [October 15, 2021] v.4.2
    1. Low speed issue finally resolved! Thank you all for your patience :)
  • [September 23, 2021] v.4.1
    1. Usability feature: contextual menu with several options for removing items from the download list. Also you can still use Del key to delete selected item.
    2. Bug fix: Accidentally adding duplicate items to the download queue.
    3. Bug fix: The Stop function in the middle of the download queue caused the download of the following videos to continue.
  • [July 19, 2021] v.4.0 Major Release!
    1. Major release! Long awaited addition: the Download queue
  • [June 3, 2021] v.3.5.3
    1. Fixes for better usability: reverted to the user-set quality if download lower resolution
      Thanks to all users who noticed this inconvenience.
  • [April 3, 2021] v.3.5.2
    1. Bug fix: download error 'Unable to extract video info'
      Thanks to all users who helped to sort out the problem!
  • [March 17, 2021] v.3.5
    1. New feature: automatic download of video in a different resolution if the current one is not available
    2. New feature: separate download for 720p 30 FPS and 720p 60 FPS videos
  • [February 25, 2021] v.3.4.1
    1. Minor bug fix: showing 99% download even though the video is fully downloaded.
  • [January 22, 2021] v.3.4
    1. Bug fix: problem with downloading big files (over 2GB). Thanks to all users, who reported about this bug
  • [December 23, 2020] v.3.3.1
    1. Bug fix: problem with some URLs
  • [December 7, 2020] v.3.3
    1. New option: now you can download 4K, 1440p or 720p video in 30 or 60FPS (if available)
    2. Bug fix: problem with downloading large files
    3. Bug fix: rename files on collision
  • [November 27, 2020] v.3.2
    1. Bug fix: Can't Find YTPlayer
  • [November 26, 2020] v.3.1
    1. Minor bug fixes
  • [October 27, 2020] v.3.0.2
    1. Bug fix: "Unable to download" and "Can't find js player"
  • [October 9, 2020] v.3.0 Major Release!
    1. Added alot of options and video resolutions (4K Ultra HD, Quad HD!)
  • [July 27, 2020] v.
    1. New feature: name of the resolution was added to video file name
  • [July 10, 2020] v.
    1. Bug fix: a bug with special characters in video title
  • [July 9, 2020] v.
    1. Bug fix: a bug with video Title
  • [March 13, 2020] v.
    1. New feature: The "Open" button now opens the folder with the recently downloaded file selected (thanks to Eliseu for idea)
  • [February 4, 2020] v.
    1. Bug fix: "Return" statement outside of function, Error 7
  • [December 31, 2019] v. Happy Holidays!
    1. Bug fix: Download Error "Can't find URL file map"
  • [December 5, 2019] v.
    1. Improvement: increased download speed, now it's really fast