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Youtube Normal Video
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Youtube High Definition Video

What you are getting with YouTube Downloader HD:

  • Easy tool to download your YouTube videos: just copy the URL of the video and download with Youtube Downloader HD
  • Download videos in HD or Full HD quality
  • Save the downloaded videos in MP4 format (or FLV)
  • Very fast downloader for big videos
  • Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/8/10

What's new in latest versions of YouTube Downloader HD:

  • [July 27, 2020] v. Fixed recent Download Errors
    Video resolution added to file name
  • [July 10, 2020] v. Fixed a bug with special characters in video title
  • [July 9, 2020] v. Fixed a bug with video Title
  • [May 14, 2020] v. Some fixes for parsing YT pages
  • [March 13, 2020] v. Fixed a minor download bug
    Now the "Open" button opens the folder with the recently downloaded file selected (thanks to Eliseu for idea)
  • [February 4, 2020] v. Fixed recent bug with Youtube ( "'return' statement outside of function", Error 7 etc.)
  • [December 31, 2019] v. Fixed bugs with Download Error (can't find URL file map etc.)
    Happy Holidays!
  • [December 5, 2019] v. Fixed download speed, now it's really fast!